Cards for Bravery

Cards for Bravery is an organisation that brightens the days of hospitalised and seriously ill children through positive, uplifting handmade cards. They have a large volunteer base to support their mission.


Cards for Bravery is an organisation that brightens the days of hospitalised and seriously ill children through positive, uplifting handmade cards.

The Founder of Cards for Bravery, said: “We used a grant from the Alec Dickson Trust to go towards a PO Box, card-making supplies, website domain and more. This grant has enabled us to have great success with our project, having distributed over 1,400 cards to hospitalised and seriously ill children in one short year.

Cards for Bravery is maintained by a group of volunteers, and is mostly run from hospital beds and teenagers who are chronically sick themselves.

Feedback from hospitals, families and the children themselves has been really positive, and has proven that Cards for Bravery is in-fact brightening the days of ill kids.

Cards for Bravery just keeps growing and growing, and I cannot thank the Alec Dickson Trust enough for their huge part in helping to grow Cards for Bravery… we couldn’t have done it without you!”


Recent news

The founder and her mum have been working very hard over the past year despite her chronic illness (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – EDS is a collection of inherited conditions that fit into a larger group known as heritable disorders of connective tissue) and spending the majority of the past year in hospital.

They are just beginning to set up a new part of the programme called Bravery Packages. Bravery Packages is a new programme that we have set up, where we distribute ‘care packages’ to anyone of the age 2-18 that suffers from a chronic, serious or life-altering illness. They distribute packages to very brave kids/teens that we believe deserves a very special surprise. They receive a box full of goodies personalised to what they are interested in and would enjoy receiving, as well as a personalised Bravery Card, to help brighten their day, put a smile on their face and provide them with gifts to keep them occupied whilst unwell/in hospital/receiving treatment and more.

The very first child who received a Bravery Package was a 10 year old girl and her sister. She is a very inspirational 10 year old who has gone through way too much for someone her age. She fights Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Chronic Intestinal Psuedo Obstruction, Epilepsy and many more chronic illnesses. In September 2014, she received the gift of life and had a multi-visceral transplant. Sadly in the last few months she has become very, very poorly again, having spent about 8 weeks in hospital including numerous stays in ICU.

This young girl and her sister are very, very brave and inspirational. A few weeks ago, the founder put together a Bravery Package for them and it certainly made their day!


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