Top Tips

Top Tips for Fundraising Applicants

DO read the What we fund (and what we don’t!) section and make sure your project fits what the Trust funds, before starting to write your application.

DO give a detailed budget breakdown as part of your application (maximum £500) and take note of the things we won’t usually fund on the What we fund page.

DO take time to explain how your project will make a difference, and what problem it addresses.

DO give details of who volunteers are, their roles, and how old they are, as part of your application.

DO be creative. We love to hear innovative new ways that young people are tackling real issues in their communities.

DO fill in all sections of the application form fully please! Incomplete applications slow down the process as we’re likely to need to contact you with additional questions, and some incomplete applications may not be considered at all.

DO provide a referee who you know in a professional capacity, but who isn’t part of the volunteer project.

DO ensure you are able to run a project without any technical/compliance/regulation issues (e.g. consider what qualification or checks you might need, such as CRB checks to work with children).

DO send us your story or an update if you were awarded funding by the Trust. We’d love to hear how your project panned out, and if there are plans to repeat or develop it in the future.

DON’T submit an application form with sections missing or incomplete.

DON’T expect to hear back about your application within a few weeks. Trustees meet only four times a year, and it takes time after each meeting to contact each applicant and issue funding to successful projects. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to deal with last minute or urgent requests for funding.

DON’T apply for funding for a project that is overseas. We only fund UK-based projects.

DON’T apply for funding if you’re aged over 30, or the project is run by a group aged over 30. Your application will not be considered.

DON’T apply too often. We will not fund the same person, or project, more than twice within any 12 month (rolling) period.

DO keep volunteering your time and energy, to do brilliant things for your community and the people around you. You make the world a better place!

About Alec Dickson Trust

We support young people who, through volunteering or community service, aim to enhance the lives of others, particularly those most marginalised by society.