Clapton Common Boys Club

One amazing project we've funded is the work of Clapton Common Boys Club, which aims to empower young people in Clapton. They ran a “Say No To Bullying” programme which supported youth leaders and volunteers to understand and act on bullying.

One amazing project we are delighted to share with you at the Alec Dickson Trust is our work to support Clapton Common Boys club which aims to empower young people in Clapton.

They ran a “Say No To Bullying” programme which taught youth leaders and volunteers to:

  • effectively listen and understand how to deal with victims of bullying.
  • take the bullying seriously and deal with the issue, instead of ‘just ignoring it.’
  • agree an action plan
  • avoid humiliating the victim by taking actions which make them seem weaker or
  • powerless.
  • help the victim become more resilient, for example by building up their self-confidence,
  • emphasizing their strengths and helping them to develop protective friendships.
  • Victims have learnt to:
  • feel safe and secure.
  • be more resilient to bullying behaviour, which will change the bully’s attitude towards the
  • victim.
  • understand that bullying is unacceptable.
  • apply their experiences and take examples explored, when challenged by a bully.

After the programme they also went on to evaluate the impact they’d had. The following difference were found:

Say No To Bullies, worked to equip both youth leaders and children. The anti bullying prevention training has provided youth leaders with methods in how to engage children in fun, interactive activities to develop self awareness, confidence and caring for others whilst attending club sessions and extra-curricular activities.

Both youth leaders and victims have benefitted immensely from Say No to Bullies! Children and young people are empowered to use their strengths and wisdom to confidently overcome the challenges they face daily. More than 68% of children have reached a higher level of understanding and confidence.

One child has expressed ‘I have always been the victim to bullies. I come from a large family and need to help out doing my daily chores. My peers had a good time poking fun of my responsibilities. Now that I have attended CCBC’s programme, the bullies in my class cannot stick my confidence and self-assurance. That is really the best part!’

One teacher shared his feedback. ‘I cannot believe the level of confidence that CCBC has put into the children. They have gone beyond their call of duty to make a difference to their lives. I note the differences in the bullies and in their victims during class and in the playground.

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