Hope Support Services

Hope Support Services help to support young people when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, such as cancer. Led by two Y-Teams, they are truly a youth-led service.

Supporting young people through a family health crisis

Over the past 6 months, with funding from the Alec Dickson Trust, the Y-Teams have:

  • Held 12 youth management team meetings and planning sessions where they planned activities, trips and projects for Hope’s young people, raised funds for Hope’s work and took part in skill building sessions such as a pointless themed game (run by our HSBC partners) to teach the Y-Team members practical banking and accounting skills.
  • Organised and delivered a range of fundraising events and activities including an Easter bag pack, an open garden event, a toll bridge takeover day and face painting at local festivals.
  • Hope’s 1st Y-Team arranged and facilitated an event to raise awareness about the launch of Hope’s services, which included a presentation and Q+A session with a selection of professionals including the Children’s Commissioner, Mayor and the Deputy CEO of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • Hope’s 2nd Y-Team ran a successful recruitment drive and have expanded their Y-Team to include members of their local hospice. The Y-Team are in the process of integrating with the Hospice Champions to help promote and contribute to the development of Hope’s support service there.
  • The Y-Teamers put together ‘Revision Goodie Packs’ for young people studying for their GCSE or college exams. The bags included revision schedule templates, bottles of water, stationary and a helpful tips sheet with advice from Y-Teamers who had previously been through the stressful exam period.
  • 2 residential trips were planned and set up by Y-Teams. One residential provided an opportunity for young people to take part in a variety of activities such as Cajon drum making and decorating (and playing!), cooking with produce grown by the young people at the Hope allotment. The second residential had a magical and musical theme. Hope’s young people enjoyed a two night stay where they participated in a song writing project, song recording sessions, a canoe trip and a walk to a spectacular local waterfall. Y-Team members not only planned these residential trips, but also volunteered at them and acted as peer mentors for the young people attending the trips.
  • Both Y-Teams have also been instrumental in the recruitment process and establishment of a brand new Online Y-Team. The Y-Teams ran successful recruitment drives and two members joined Hope’s CEO to interview Y-Team applicants.

About Alec Dickson Trust

We support young people who, through volunteering or community service, aim to enhance the lives of others, particularly those most marginalised by society.